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The Dawn Of The Gods Lore


A new dawn approaches and the gods of old are stirring as the veil between the mortal realm and their own crumbles 

The god of the underworld is an unlikely host, but when the divines begin squabbling amongst themselves, he takes matters into his own hands and a great ball is planned to bring gods and goddesses from every corner of the world, together for one night of revelry.

The divines; bound by duty and honour will attend the ball and offer their power in aid of the call.

Gods and goddesses entwine. Divine joy and immortal magic collide in a way that bathes all who are present in a glow of power and once harnessed, will strengthen the vale which keeps the worlds apart. For if the gods did find themselves let loose among mortals, it would only mean one thing…chaos and ruin.
This is a summons to all Gods & Goddesses, all creatures of old

We will see you there or see our worlds collide and the destruction that would follow

We will see you

At The Dawn Of The Gods

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