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  • Is there an age limit?
    All ball guests must be at least 18 years old by the day of the event.
  • Refunds.
    We do not offer refunds. We do allow ticket resales through our website. We don’t allow private ticket transfers as we need to make sure we have all the correct guest info for safeguarding and security purposes. Privately transferring a ticket could affect entry on the night of the event.
  • Food and drink.
    Each of our events are different so be sure to go to the specific page to read about what tickets include for each individual event. Generally our tickets include canapés but not drinks.
  • Will there be alcohol?
    All our previous events have had fully stocked bars serving alcoholic and soft drinks. We plan for all our future events to offer the same. Most of our event bars are card only.
  • Photography.
    We have a team of 3 professional and very talented photographers at each event. The team take candid photos all night to capture all your favourite moments. You are welcome to approach our photographers on the night if you wish to pose for a picture. You will have free access to all photos taken on the night. We don’t charge for photos.
  • Is there a dress codes for the events?
    We always theme our events towards a certain dress code. We have a Pinterest board where we save outfit inspo for each individual event. We also post suggestions on Instagram of where you can buy outfits for each event before we sell tickets so be sure to follow us there.
  • Can I attend form outside of the UK?
    Yes! We are honoured to have so many people fly in for our events from overseas. If you’re nervous about traveling to a new country and want support from a local then please access our group chat, linked in our social media bios. Here you’ll find support and advice from many of our other guests and friendly community.
  • What if I have no one to go with?
    Lots of people come to our events alone! We have a group chat you can join where you can meet other people coming to our evets and get to know each other. People even lift share, travel together and share Airbnbs to bring the cost down.
  • What if I have social anxiety?
    We know it can be really tough when you have social anxiety but really want to attend one of our events. A great way to feel more confident is to get in touch with others who also want to attend. You can do this on our super friendly group chat on discord. The link is in our social media bios. And try to remember that everyone in attendance is always very inclusive and kind and all share the same bookish interests as you!
  • How can I get in touch If I want to collaborate?
    We always have space for new collaborators. If you think you could add something to our events, please get in touch with us using the email address
  • Copyright.
    Our events are not based off of any specific books or series due to copyright.
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